That’s why we work with actors, instead of voice artists.

There are great voices everywhere. You’ve probably even stumbled across a couple at a party or driving you home in a taxi.
But when it comes to finding the right voice, we look beyond just the voice.

When we cast, we’re looking for someone who can act, take direction, and understand what it is they’re about to read. We make sure you get more than a voiceover. We make sure you get talent.

What we offer

Our job is to make sure you’re heard, and we can do that in a number of different ways.

International searches

If you’re looking for someone outside your country or something unique, we can search abroad, connecting with casting agency partners around the globe.

Competitor audits

Want your next brand voice to set you apart from your competitors in the category? We can to do an audit to find out who’s voicing what, and who you should be looking at.

Talent negotiations

Not the greatest negotiator? Don’t worry, let us do the hustling on everything from talent contracts to wrangling talent.

Our work

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